Drimaster Ventilation System – Positive Pressure

 What is Positive Pressure?


Positive pressure distributes fresh air from your attic/loft into your home through ventilation points, called diffusers, in your ceiling and the resultant airflow pushes old stale air out of your home through gaps around windows and doors.

Drimaster is the easy and low-maintenance way to a drier, warmer and healthier home. Kiwivac are proud distributors of Drimaster Home Ventilation Systems – New Zealand’s leading low-cost, low-energy positive pressure ventilation unit. Drimaster offers all the same benefits as other positive pressure home ventilation systems in the New Zealand market. However, the difference is the much more affordable price and cheaper on-going running costs. Install a Drimaster and Kiwivac central vacuum system for one great price! We can supply and install both for a much more affordable rate than going through separate providers.


How does it work?

Outside air is drawn into the ceiling space. It is slightly warmed by heat caused from solar radiation and heat loss in your home. The air is drawn into the unit, filtered, then ducted into a central area of the house. This air then mixes with the warmer air that naturally accumulates at ceiling level. Air continuously and gently dilutes, displaces, and replaces in your home. Which results in a clean and healthy environment.

Replacement Drimaster Filters – where Can I Get them From?

Whether you have a Drimaster 2000 or Drimaster-ECO or another Model we have replacement filters in stock.

Call us on 0800 639 247 to arrange for one of our Drimaster technicians to come and replace the filters for you. Or you can purchase them from us and change the filters yourself.



WHo Makes Drimaster Units – Where is Drimaster Made?

Drimaster Ventilation units are made by Nuaire Ltd in Caerphilly, South Wales, UK. Nuaire first produced the Positive Input Ventilation system in 1972 and revolutionised the way we ventilate homes and is now the most popular method of low-energy whole-home ventilation in the UK. Nuaire Drimaster ventilation systems are sold and installed world wide. They have been imported and installed in New Zealand for over 20 years.


How does Drimaster work?



How can you benefit from a Drimaster?

Your home will be warmer and drier with:
  • No more condensation, dampness and mould
  • More consistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Improved indoor air quality – easier breathing, less allergens, better health
  • Extremely low power consumption – uses only a few cents of electricity per day
  • Easy installation and very low maintenance
  • Intelligent heat recovery – uses heat that otherwise gets lost
  • Fully automatic – operated by a thermostat remote sensor
  • Quality product made in England
  • System stand-by mode
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind
newair drimaster positive pressure ventilation
Does your home suffer from condensation, dampness or mould?
Drimaster Home Ventilation

Drimaster is the easy and low-maintenance way to a drier, warmer home.

Drimaster provides low-cost, whole home ventilation introducing fresh, filtered air into your house at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside.

Benefits of Drimaster:

  • Whisper quiet
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Very low-maintenance (filter replacement every 5 years)
  • 6 speeds to choose from (depending on your house size and occupancy)
  • Easy, non-disruptive installation
  • 5 year unconditional parts and labour warranty

How does it work?

Drimaster continuously inputs filtered fresh air into your house from outside.

  1. Outside air is drawn into the ceiling space where it is slightly warmed by heat caused from solar radiation and heat loss from the home.
  2. This air is drawn into the unit, filtered and then ducted into a central area of the house.
  3. This air then mixes with the warmer air that naturally accumulates at ceiling level and then continuously and gently dilutes, displaces and replaces the air within your home.

The result is a home free from serious condensation and a more pleasant and comfortable environment.


How will it look in my home?

Drimaster is visually discrete with the only visible component being the central input diffuser which is usually mounted in the central hallway or stairwell ceiling.

How much does it cost to run?

The running costs are minor, especially when you think about all the advantages Drimaster offers. The electrical consumption will be only a few cents a day. Remember the unit is making use of heat in both the ceiling space and at ceiling level that would otherwise be lost. The unit will switch itself off when temperatures are such that condensation would not occur within your home, for example, during summer.

Simple to use and maintain

Drimaster is a completely automatic unit, switching to different modes as required to make optimum use of energy. The only maintenance required is the replacement of the filters every five years.

Supplied and installed in an average home from $1,895.00

Drimaster is New Zealand’s leading low cost, low energy positive input ventilation unit.

Drimaster Comments from Clients

I was very pleased at such a prompt response from Campbell in arranging for Russell to come the following day. Russell arrived at the designated time, was friendly, courteous and completed the filter change quickly.
The Drimaster ventilation system I have has been great from the day it was installed in August 2016. No more condensation and very quiet.
Kind Regards
A Michael
Cockle Bay

Again thanks so much for the installation – it has made a HUGE difference. If you are ever wanting any customer quotes/feedback whatever I’d be happy to say what a positive difference getting Drimaster in our little house has been.
C Tozer

All good Campbell and thanks to you and the team for your help.

P Harrison

The Drimaster is working well in these challenging climate conditions. Campbell and his team did a great job.

Thank you
Regards Geoff Newton

The system is fantastic and will be recommending it to everyone!

Many thanks

A big thank you for convincing my wife and I to have the Drimaster 2000 installed. For years now we have had the arduous task of every morning wiping down all our windows because of condensation build up. Since having the system installed we now have a healthy environment with absolutely no condensation and clean fresh air throughout the house. Prior to having the system installed we were running, at great expense two dehumidifiers that are now redundant.

We did evaluate alternative systems but decided on the Drimaster, not only for the cost to supply and install, which I might add was very cost effective, but also for the professional help your company gave us in making a decision, no pressure just sound advice.

My only regret was not having a Drimaster installed years ago.

Thanks once again
M Riding
Mt Albert

Just over a month ago we had an X-Air Drimaster System installed in our villa. We can only say that we are amazed at the difference it has made to our living environment. We no longer have windows dripping with condensation in the morning. The air in the house seems dries and the house seem warmer.

The best part of all is that our daughter no longer has any signs of asthma.

Her wheezing and coughing during the night have disappeared. In fact, his asthma is no longer an issue!!!

While the Drimaster seems a deceptively simple idea we are stunned at the difference it has made to our home and health.

Yours faithfully
V Kite

Many thanks for your help and efficient arrangements to install our Drimaster unit.

The job was done expertly and efficiently with very little disruption or mess. The installer did a great job.

We have had no wet windows since the day of installation so we have to assume it is working perfectly! We are very pleased and happy we chose to go ahead with you. The unit not only does exactly what we wanted it to, but it also saves us spending big money to achieve the same result.

R & A Godwin