Balanced Pressure


HEX390 – Sophisticated, Durable, Efficient.

The HEX390 is the latest ventilation innovation that brings balanced pressure to the air in your home, ensuring a cleaner, drier and healthier home environment.

The HEX390 unit is manufactured in New Zealand, it provides a solution to homes in New Zealand that develop rapid condensation which can produce mould and an unwanted odour.


 hex390 heat exchange unit balanced pressure

Benefits of Installing a HEX390 ventilation system in your home


A HEX390 system provides fresh air to your home whilst also retaining some of the heat already created through a heat source (heat pump or fire place) within the home.

The unit will ensure fresh air replaces the humid damp air that is built up primarily in the winter months. This product is therefore ideal for homes within New Zealand, especially those in colder climates.

The HEX390 unit provides balanced pressure to your home. The extracted air from your home is heated by the polymer inside the HEX390. The polymer will heat the fresh air which is pulled in from outside the house which during winter is much cooler. This helps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.


Why do I need a HEX390?


  • Creates a healthy breathing environment
  • Extracts pollutants from your home
  • Helps control dust within your home, does not let pollens enter through windows, doors etc
  • Helps with heat recovery. If you have a heat source within your home it will distribute fresh heated air into every area of your home instead of having heat concentrated to one area.
  • Works best in winter months in colder climates as homes tend to be shut up to keep heat in.
  • Within certain areas of New Zealand it is now law to have mechanical ventilation within a home that is near to airports, motorways and trainlines
  • Achieves balance pressure by reusing the heat made within your home
  • Security reasons, with homes still being susceptible to robberies, windows and doors are locked up and will have less ventilation points.
  • Laundry: if washing is let out to dry within your home in winter months it is important to have a suitable source of ventilation.

During the summer months if the outside temperature exceeds 27⁰C then the system will automatically shut down as the air will be too warm for your home. This temperature can be adjusted at the Digital Controller.




The HEX390 ventilation unit will be installed by a qualified tradesperson before which a plan must be developed in order to maximise the effectiveness of the unit.

Installation will take place during the building phase of a new home but can also be worked into renovations or existing homes.


HEX390 unit: The unit itself will be installed in an appropriate position within the attic (giving enough room for access to all areas).
Ducting: The flexible insulated ducting will run through the attic
Exterior vents: These will be installed within the soffit for the return and intake air.
Diffusers: Diffusers will be installed into suitable areas of the ceiling within your home
Digital Controller: This will run from the unit itself and down into a suitable area of framing within the home, similar to a light switch.
Drainage:Excess moisture created within the unit will be drained from the unit to outside the house.
Filters: A G7 box filter can be installed for homes in harsher environments.


Download Hex390 Brochure