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positive pressure home ventilation system

Drimaster Ventilation Systems

What is Positive PRESSURE?

Drimaster Ventilation Systems are Positive Pressure where distributes fresh air from your attic/loft into your home through ventilation points, called diffusers, in your ceiling and the resultant airflow pushes old stale air out of your home through gaps around windows and doors.

Drimaster Ventilation Systems are a Positive Pressure System – Made by Nuaire Ltd. 


balanced pressure home ventilation system

HEX390 Ventilation System

What is balanced PRESSURE?

Hex390 Ventilation Systems are balanced pressure system works by taking fresh air from outside the home, passing it through a heat exchanger and distributing this fresh air throughout the home. At the same time an equal amount of old stale air is extracted from the home, passed through the heat exchanger to warm the incoming air and then pumped outside.
By supplying and extracting equal quantities of air, the air pressure in the home is maintained at a constant level.

HEX390 Ventilation Systems are Balance Pressure Ventilation Systems – made in New Zealand


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“A big thank you for convincing my wife and I to have the Drimaster 2000 installed. For years now we have had the arduous task of every morning wiping down all our windows because of condensation build up. Since having the system installed we now have a healthy environment with absolutely no condensation and clean fresh air throughout the house. Prior to having the system installed we were running, at great expense two dehumidifiers that are now redundant.”

M. RIDING, Mt Albert

Thanks for the excellent service that Campbell provided. My wife too rated the service as of very high quality. (Drimaster Filter change)

A. Nindu, Sandringham

“Just over a month ago we had an X-Air Drimaster System installed in our villa. We can only say that we are amazed at the difference it has made to our living environment. We no longer have windows dripping with condensation in the morning. The air in the house seems dries and the house seem warmer.
The best part of all is that our daughter no longer has any signs of asthma. Her wheezing and coughing during the night have disappeared. In fact, his asthma is no longer an issue!!!
While the Drimaster seems a deceptively simple idea we are stunned at the difference it has made to our home and health.”

V Kite

Our Drimaster is working well in these challenging climatic conditions. Campbell and his team did a great job.



“Your team who did a fantastic job – I don’t think it was the easiest of installs and their workmanship was outstanding.” – Drimaster Installation


why uS?

New Air Technology is a relatively new participant in the ventilation industry but was created by 2 men who between them have over 40 years experience in the building industry and during that time have seen the results of poorly designed ventilation systems or worse still no ventilation.  We offer two brands of Ventilation systems – Drimaster and HEX390 systems. READ MORE ›

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